Take me home.


Today is my first day of the recurse center.

Inspired by the blog of cindy wu, I wanted to experiment with putting words on the internet.

Most recently I had been trying writing things on Github Discussions, but alas, no more. There must be some parable about developers continually writing new blog posts only when they create a new blog every year or so, to talk about why the newest one is much better than the last one.

With writing HTML text, I also get the creepy side editor of the Github co-pilot, which I am not sure we can have a real recoprical relationship with, since it just sits outside... But it keeps wanting to say things 🙂

This week I hope I can let the flow of the computer speak to me, and feel which way the wind blows, letting my ego mind rest a bit as I make room for what is beneath.

I would love to be able to:

  1. Write in markdown on my filesystem
  2. Store it in github
  3. Have it render as html!

I just wish I didn't have to use a pre-processor or a some JS build system to get me there.

Could a web component help me out? They scare me!

Maybe for tomorrow. For now I'll stick with this